The Night of the Ad Eaters | Event concept & design

In 2012, The Night of the Ad Eaters took place in eight cities from Romania. In Bucharest, the event took place on the 15th of June at Sala Palatului, having as a guest the initiator Jean Marie Boursicot. The other locations for the event were Constanta, Brasov, Galati, Arad, Iasi, Timisoara and Cluj.  The 2012 edition of the event was organized under the concept “energy for the creative” and it placed the viewing of the international commercial selection in a setting of concerts, mini-events and creativity contests. The concept of The Night of the Ad Eaters 2012 event was created in a unique manner, at it’s core being the idea of feeding creativity through a “dose” of energy. “The dose of creative energy” could be consumed both in the audio and video spot, as well as in the range of graphic materials used for it’s presentation, feeding the public with the necessary “calories” adequate for savoring of the event.