Brand turistic | Municipiul Turda

Turda, the city of the salt mine is presented by a touristic logo.  The necessity for creating a touristic brand for the Turda Municipality intervenes given the great extent of the tourism, as a type of tertiary service with the considerable amounts that can be attracted through it. A touristic brand is a bright face of a city, containing: opening, communication, hospitality, adventure, spirit of discovery. The touristic brand is a mirror of a city, in which the residents of the city are found and in which the tourists look. The core piece of the future Turda touristic brand is the Turda Salt Mine, the most modern salt mine in Europe and the most frequented tourist destination. The slogan directly connects the city with the salt mine, in the shape of a simple call to arms or a sure, powerful statement. The brand identity of the Turda Municipality is based on stylized visuals taken from the modern setup of the salt mine. The spiral structure is used for the modern decorations and lighting fixtures, with a tint of avantgarde. The chromatic range shows the multitude of attributes of the touristic brand as well as its diverse values, both historic and cultural.